Food Cravings – How to Lessen Them With Your Exercise Program


Exercise programs are essential for a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, many believe – and focus – on cardio exercise, and ignore the benefits of strength training. While cardio is a great form of exercise, the benefits are not near as rewarding if you do not implement a strength training regiment – at least 60% – into your exercise routine.

To make things even harder, today’s society, and our natural bodily chemistry make-ups, cause us to eat foods that are not nutritionally acceptable for our bodies. Your body needs a certain amount of specific nutrients on a regular basis. When your body does not receive the proper nutrients, it starts to crave foods that are more of a “quick-fix” for its needs.

It’s unfortunate, but these “quick-fix” foods are typically filled with an exuberant amount of sugar, fat, and grease. Granted, eating these foods may make you feel better for an hour or two, but in the long run, can turn into serious health problems – especially if you continue to feed these “need it right now” cravings – more commonly known as food cravings.

You may not even realize that you have food cravings. Say you are the type who has a “sweet tooth”, you may think that’s just the way you are – however – this is a food craving. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you are lacking in a particular nutrient, but because you don’t know what nutrient you need, the natural way of filling this craving would be with sugar. (This same concept works with those who eat a lot of carbohydrates, greasy foods, etc.)

To fully understand what your body needs, and how your chemical and hormonal make up works, you would need to do extensive research – your body is complicated. This may sound negative, and that you have no way around what you’re going through; however, there is a way to help your body become healthier, and burn away the unnecessary foods that you’re eating.

Implementing a strength training program, into your daily routine, has been proven to help you body burn excess fat, in turn, speeding up your metabolism. Therefore, whether or not you know the intricate details of how your body works, you can increase the effectiveness of your bodily make-up.

Add, or increase, your strength training routine, and you will begin to – naturally – burn excess fat, increase your metabolism, and your body will – again naturally – begin to communicate it’s real needs to you. This will help you to begin to eat the foods that you need, lessening the negative cravings that you have had.

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