Fitness and Weight Loss Go Together Hand in Hand


What is the average person’s number-one fitness problem? Weight loss you say? Yes, but you are only half right as it is the loss of muscle tissue which actually allows excess body fat to be stored easily all over your body making it a lot larger. The facts are; losing as little as one pound of muscle tissue can result in a gain of fat that increases over a period of time.

Why? Because muscle is active tissue and makes high-calorie demands, even at rest. Less muscle means a lower metabolic rate (the rate the body burns fuel). The average person experiences a decline in their metabolic rate every year. This, combined with normal eating habits and the passage of time, leads to an over fat, out-of-shape body. If your fitness levels are low this will happen a lot quicker and at a much younger age.

Fortunately, it is easy for something to be done to combat and conquer this loss of muscle tissue and gain of fat. In fact, the solution doesn’t take years. If attacked correctly, it can be accomplished in six months or less.
A proper exercise program that includes strength training and interval training can help both men and women stay lean by re-building lost muscle tissue and raising metabolism by as much as 15%. This means an average person might burn 200-300 more calories at rest every day, seven days a week. This will go a long way towards the weight loss that will transform you into a slim, trim and healthier person.
Embellish more toned muscle tissue as your friend — your best ally against excessive stored body fat and will help:

• you lose weight faster
• elevate metabolism
• tighten flabby body parts
• smooth dimpled backsides
• you to eat more of your favorite foods without gaining fat
• create more energy
• improve body shape

Strengthening your muscles and raising your fitness levels is also good for your heart and blood pressure, and will help you live an active life — whether that means lifting bicycles onto your car rack, hauling landscaping materials around your backyard, hiking up mountains or carrying groceries into the house.

All this exercise and activity is great for your fitness and weight loss goals, but it may be tough on your wallet, because you will need to buy new clothes!

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