Counteract Your Food Cravings with Proper Exercise


Implementing a proper exercise program that includes at least 60% strength training exercise and cardio interval training can definitely help to counteract the negative effects caused by satisfying the food cravings that many people – today – have.

Food cravings are not a sign of weakness; neither is fulfilling these cravings. Your body craves particular foods, or chemicals, because it is attempting to tell you that you are lacking in another area. Most food cravings are caused from the lack of proper nutrition or even imbalanced blood sugar levels. On occasion food cravings are caused from hormonal or emotional imbalances.

Another cause of food cravings is that we, as people, have trained our bodies to want particular foods based on weather, mood, time of year, and other external factors. When you allow yourself to consistently comfort yourself with foods, during these stressful, cold, or bad times, your body becomes accustomed to this, and will begin to crave negative foods at the exact time that you would have fed it.

A perfect example – to explain all of the above scenarios – is when women suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome. At this time, in a woman’s life, her blood sugars are not properly balanced, causing mood swings to occur, along with food cravings. Now here’s where it gets a bit complicated, the sugar imbalance will cause food cravings; however, eating comfort foods – due to mood swings – will also cause food cravings as your body becomes accustomed to eating in this manner.

As you can see, this is an endless cycle. The bad news is that these food cravings are having an extremely negative effect on your body. Since food cravings typically cause people to eat more sugar, carbohydrates, and fatty / greasy foods, you are building up fat repositories and filling your body unnecessary fat.

While there are many ways to help yourself cut back – or eliminate – food cravings, there is one thing you can start – right now – that will help to eliminate the amount of fat that you are actually storing in your body. Implementing and maintaining an exercise program, that is at least 60% strength training, will help you to start burning additional fat.

When you maintain such a program, you will become “fit”. When your body becomes “fit”, it naturally burns more fat than those that do not include strength training in their exercise programs. In addition, the fat actually begins to burn easier. This type of program is not a “cure” for food cravings, but it will help you to burn the excess fat that you filling your body with and – eventually – your body will begin to feel better, and properly taken care of, lessening your overall food cravings.

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