Change Your Daily Routine to Lose Weight


There are thousands of people who need to lose weight and just don’t know how. Thousands have tried diet after diet to find that they only put the weight back on, if they lost any at all. Corporations and manufacturers have taken advantage of a weak emotional state and bombarded the market with diet pills and get skinny quick schemes.

Whatever you do, do not fall under the corporate umbrella! When you hear diet commercials or see ads that sound like they fit you perfectly, remember – they are marketing ploys! You can lose weight, and keep it off, with just a few changes to your daily routine. There is no need to buy into a weight loss program, buy over-the-counter diet pills, or purchase special diet foods from the freezer section.

Okay, let’s discuss changing your daily routine.

First off, start watching what you eat. This does not mean that you have to by a scale and start measuring all of your food. It means that you need to focus on eating foods that are high in nutrients – fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, etc. With this comes eating smaller portions, stop eating when you are full, and eat more frequently.

Eating 5-6 smaller portions, daily, is much better for you than eating three average to large portions. Eat breakfast, have a small snack between breakfast and lunch, eat lunch, another small snack between lunch and dinner, and then have dinner. This is an ideal eating plan!

And yes – drink water; get off the soda and drink water!

Once you have your eating schedule down, and are able to do this daily, without thinking twice, get on an exercise program. Your exercise program should include cardiovascular – running, walking, swimming – strength training, and stretching.

Here is a good plan for working hours. Stand up and stretch all of your muscles for a minute, then walk around your building for 5-7 minutes. Once you are done, stretch again. Do this a couple time a day; use this as your break rather than socializing at the coffee pot or smoking a cigarette. In a day’s worth you can easily fit in 30 minutes of walking. (To add weights, if you absolutely do not have time, by some free weights and use them while you walk.)

Both the eating and exercise, when presented in this manner, are easy for anyone to implement into their daily routine. One of the key factors here is to remember that you are not changing your routine to lose weight; instead, you are changing it to live a better life and become healthier. Many health risks come with being overweight or even obese. Lessen – or completely eliminate your chances by changing the way you live – NOW – one day at a time!

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