Beginning an Exercise Program… Again!


You have heard it before, heck; you have even done it before! But something got in the way didn’t it?  You made progress, hit a plateau and then started that slow decline from fit to unfit. You were supposed to be going the other way, forwards…remember?

Exercising is a long term commitment and it is something you have to factor into your lifestyle if you want to live long and be healthy. There are many excuses, work, school, wife, husband, chores, parents, life!

Before you know it, the days, weeks, (months?) tick by and you are a pale version of what you used to be; and as this reality sets in it becomes harder and harder to do something about it.

You can be what you want to be and you can look how you want to look. The only thing stopping you achieving this is you. It truly is a case of ‘mind over matter’ and exercise matters!

One way to ensure you keep on track with your fitness or weight loss goals is to make an action plan to ensure your success. Write down your goals, a step by step plan how you intend to go about reaching them, and a time frame for achieving milestones along the way.

In your journal don’t just record your body weight, but more importantly record your exercise sessions, how often they are, what exercises you did and how well you think you performed them. Only when you cement a regular and consistent exercise program into your life will you achieve your results.

The bathroom scales do not accurately measure what progress you are making as if you are toning muscle tissue it could disappoint you if the scales don’t say what you think they should say. Get a body composition test from your local gym or fitness center as this will more accurately tell you when you are losing body fat as opposed to just body weight.

Getting back to your exercise program on a regular basis is truly a case of ‘mind over matter’. You do matter and being physically fit is striving to live a better quality of life.
Surely you want to maintain a good physical appearance, have more energy or be able to eat nutritious foods without worrying about weight gain and possess good health.

Get restarted on your exercise program so you can enjoy these benefits again and live your life to the fullest.

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