Are You A Yo Yo Exerciser?


There is a new trend taking place with yo-yo fitness becoming as common as yo-yo dieting. Far too many people who start exercise programs don’t stick with them. It is a shame that weight loss is often used as the measure to judge the success of an exercise program or a healthy nutrition plan.

To quit an exercise program out of failure to reach a particular weight loss goal means that all of the other many health promoting benefits are lost as well. Proper exercise and healthy eating should not be viewed merely as a means to an end such as with weight loss but rather of having their own genuine value.

Around the world today millions of men women boys and girls are labeled ‘too fat’ and engaged in a continuous war with their bodies. The human body is not some conforming mass of calories that we can mould into any shape or size at will. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be strong and metabolically fit. It is far more important to be ‘fit’ than thin. And the road to a fitter and healthier body is exactly the same road one should take to become slim.

It is time to take a new approach to health, strength, fitness and exercise – one that places less emphasis on body weight (or body fat) simply just burning calories and more emphasis on healthy metabolism regardless of ones weight or size. We need to do what we can to make sure our bodies are burning body fat all day long so we do not continue to gain weight as each year passes.

Healthy metabolism is dependant on the release of hormones (natural chemical messengers) that instruct our body to either burn fat or store fat. So with the right exercise program that can be improved so even if one is overweight at least steps are been taken to turn it around and head back down the path to better health.

Our body’s hormones are so important that they have become big business in recent years and for very good reason. Not only to restore vigor and slow the aging process but also because the scientific evidence leaves little doubt that heart disease, cancer and diabetes and a host of other diseases are related to unfavorable changes in hormonal levels. Shifts in these levels trigger other changes that lead to serious diseases that hospitalize and kill millions of people around the world each year.

Unfortunately we will become more overweight as we get older. The reason for this weight gain, however, is not an aging metabolism – it can be attributed to our lifestyle, activity levels, and the amount of toned lean muscle tissue we have which in turn drives our metabolism.

Unless we continue to participate in a proper exercise program we will lose around one half a pound of this precious muscle tissue each year. This is what allows unhealthy weight to be gained exposing us to a greater risk of disease.
If you are new to proper exercise seek the help of a fitness professional to set up your program that should be mostly strength training exercise. It is important that you are performing the exercises with the right amount of intensity (degree of difficulty) to make a difference to your body’s chemistry. Otherwise it is unlikely you will get the results you will be happy with.

New research into the hormonal dynamics of exercise reveals that each time you exercise your muscles through their ranges of movement with resistance; you temporarily alter the hormonal environment inside your body.

Participating in this type of program can be a powerful tool that will work to your advantage helping you to lose weight permanently. It will also improve your health, slow the aging process and give you back youthful strength, energy and vitality.

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