5 Tips to Keep Your Fat Burning Furnace Running Hot


There are some very simple rules to truly get you into top physical shape. This means a minimum level of body fat and a nice amount of toned muscle to give your body shape and firmness.

1.) It is important that you keep your muscle tissue toned – When researchers studied a large group of healthy women, aged 18 to 73; they found that a decline in fat-burning was caused by a loss in muscle tissue through inactivity.

Losing muscle tissue causes a slowing of the metabolic rate (the rate the body burns fuel) and causes the fat-burning fire to die down. Women can check or reverse this tendency for fat burning to decline simply by keeping their muscles strong and toned with strength training exercise. Just two to three sessions per week will result in a stronger, leaner you.

2.) Stop dieting- Statistics show that dieting has both physical and psychological consequences. When calories (fuel) are restricted below a certain point the body switches on its survival mechanism prompting fat to be stored in anticipation of a famine. Food restriction is known to prompt binge eating in previously normal eaters.

3.) Eat 5-6 small meals starting with breakfast – To get truly lean eat smaller meals more often throughout the day and boost your metabolism to blast off excess body fat. These meals should always contain protein, complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, brown rice and lots of vegetables. Spacing your meals every 2½ to three hours provides a number of other benefits like including improved appetite control and less food cravings.

4.) Change-up your workout – The same exercise routine, week after week has the potential to lead to burnout and boredom. Your body needs change to avoid exercise plateaus and diminishing results. Change your strength training workout routine a little every 4-6 weeks. This might mean changing the type, the order of the exercises you are doing, or the intensity and duration of your workouts so you continue to get results.

5.) Fan your aerobic furnace- To further boost your metabolism try varying the intensity of your cardio workouts. After a good warm-up, incorporate a few bursts of speed to take your heart rate up higher for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then slow down and recover at your normal pace. Repeat 4 – 6 times. Interval training adds variety, helps burn more calories and increases your cardiovascular fitness level better than steady state training.

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